How to find the Peng Treasure Dead Space remake (2023)

Dead Space

Pay off some of that new suit with your pal Peng

The Dead Space remake from Electronic Arts’ Motive studio is extremely faithful to its source material. This includes weapons, story beats, and the USG Ishimura itself. And it also includes some Dead Space Easter eggs like Peng.

Peng is a treasure found in all the Dead Space games, and is usually just a statue that the player can sell at the shop for a decent chunk of cash. This is no different in the Dead Space remake, where Peng will net you a solid $30,000. Pretty handy for racking up some nodes for weapon upgrades or taking out a chunk out of the next suit upgrade.

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Of course, Peng has to be found, as money is supposed to be hard to come by for Isaac Clarke. Thankfully, Dead Space puts Peng fairly adjacent to the main route of the game. Our guide will help make sure you don’t spring by it.

Where to find Peng in Dead Space remake?

You’ll find the Peng statue in a locker, in the Cargo Bay area of the game. You can first head down here during Chapter 11, though you’ll find some teasers about a valuable stashed in a locker that should point you in this direction too.

If it’s not obvious enough, the locker is decked out in “Peng” memorabilia. It’s fairly hard to miss if you’re looking for a locker.

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You’ll find it just around the corner from an elevator down into the bay. Grab it, head over to a store, and sell Peng off for all that cash. There’s not really a point to hanging onto it, and that much money can really do some work towards getting Isaac fully upgraded for the endgame. Trust me, I’ve seen what he’s up against; he’s going to need it.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter