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How to find the Liskanoth world boss in WoW Dragonflight

Liskanoth will show up on your world map, but you need to enter a portal to get to it

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Like a few other activities in WoW Dragonflight, the world boss Liskanoth is hidden behind the Primalist Future portal. Here’s how to get to it, and how to take down Liskanoth.

To find Liskanoth, you’ll need to enter The Primalist Future in southeast Thaldraszus

Liskanoth is a weekly world boss that can only be defeated when it’s actually live and kicking. To see what world boss is available, consult your world map: then look for the world quest for Liskanoth (denoted by a purple icon) in Thaldraszus. You can find a visual representation of the icon in the gallery above.

If you’re all good, go to the Temporal Conflux in southeast Thaldraszus, and enter the orange/yellow portal at coordinates 60, 82. That will take you to The Primalist Future area, and Liskanoth: who you’ll find in a ravine directly west of the area you exit the portal.

Fighting Liskanoth

Like most world bosses, it’s highly recommended that you find a raid group to take Liskanoth down. If you’ve selected the world quest on your map, the game will automatically queue up a “looking for group” prompt in the quest log.

Here are the two main tactics Liskanoth uses:

  • Glacial storm will create markers on the ground to avoid: stepping on them will root you, so spread out so you have max melee distance (for melee characters), or fan out if you’re ranged
  • When “Liskanoth takes off and prepares a deep freeze,” you’ll want to go to the sides of the ravine, as they’ll breathe ice on you in a straight line in the ravine

That’s really it. After the boss is downed, you’ll want to head back to coordinates 60.7, 50.9 in The Primalist Future to get back to the Dragon Isles.

Liskanoth can drop item level 389 loot, or world boss items: which include gold.

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