How to find the Golden Dragon goblet in WoW Dragonflight

It’s part of an intro treasure hunting sequence

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Ever since Stranglethorn Vale, World of Warcraft has allowed itself to take on an increasing amount of “treasure hunting/adventurer” style themes, and the Dragonscale Basecamp is the home base for that stuff in WoW Dragonflight. Here’s how to kick that questline off and find the Golden Dragon Goblet in the process.

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Step one: Talk to Cataloger Jakes in The Waking Shores

First, you’re going to need Archeologist Artifact Notes. Speak to Cataloger Jakes: they are inside the tent at the Dragonscale Camp in The Waking Shores, at coordinates 42.7, 82.6.

Buy one for 10 Dragonisles Supplies (which are easy to pick up).

Step two: Use the treasure map, and locate the Golden Dragon Goblet in The Waking Shores

Using the treasure map, you’ll be lead to the coordinates 65.8, 41.8 in The Waking Shores: just south of Scalecracker Keep, and around where you started out the expansion. Search a dirt mount in the corner of the location to get the Golden Dragon Goblet.

After you acquire it, you’ll pop part of the Treasures of The Waking Shores achievement. It’s also a toy, with the following description: “Display your wealth to the world, leaving riches in your wake. (30 Sec Cooldown).”

At this point, you’ll have the ability to come across and loot more treasures as a result of maps found in packs throughout the game world. Don’t buy more Archeologist Artifact Notes from Cataloger Jakes.

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