How to find the Charizard Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

How to find the Charizard Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You only have a few days left

As we mentioned this morning, this is your second chance to dive into a weekend of Charizard raiding (and catching! Well, once!) in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Since then I’ve seen some confusion as to how to unlock and find these seven-star raids: so here’s a full breakdown. Remember, you have until December 18 at 3:59PM PT to get your Charizard, or grind out the rewards.

First you need to unlock high-end raids

If you haven’t already, finish up the game (quick, you only have a few more days!), and clear the required post-game questline. This will enable seven-star raids, which can be found on the world map or joined via online play.

We have a full guide on how to unlock them here.

Locate it on the main map, and host a raid yourself

When you have the proper requirements unlocked, seven-star raids will appear on your map. You can locate them via flashing dragon icons (more info on how to discern specific icons here).

Just head there and interact with the raid den to start a Tera Raid battle. You’ll want to go online, and use strong Pokemon for seven-star raids: preferably at level 100, and with an affinity for taking down a dragon/fire type. In any case, we have a full guide on how to take down Charizard here!

Search for a raid, even if you don’t have one available

Alternatively, if you don’t want to host a raid (or don’t have any available to trigger), you can search for them online.

Connect to the internet, then select the Poke Portal in the main menu. Select Tera Raid Battle, then search for a Charizard on the list. As soon as you see it click it: as you’ll get a lot of competition from would-be players trying to join. If no Charizard raids show up, wait for the “check for new postings” sign to light up: then press X to search again.

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