How to find the Chamber of Starlight lost sector in Destiny 2

The Dreaming City awaits

Lost sectors in Destiny 2 are somewhat hidden PvE areas of the map. These small missions take around 10-15 minutes to complete on an easy level, and longer if Guardians choose to run the Legendary or Master difficulty versions in the hopes of seeking out Exotic gear. There are three lost sectors in the Dreaming City, and the Chamber of Starlight is one of the more difficult to locate.

Firstly, land at the only available fast travel point in the Dreaming City (Divalian Mists), and take the first right through some caves until you reach The Strand. Heading straight from here will soon present a huge white bridge in the distance. Take a left here to head for Rheasilvia.

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There’s a circular area just ahead with some different offshoots, almost like a roundabout. Take the first left turning here and head for the cliffs.

Guardians will then need to take a leap of faith, as the Chamber of Starlight lost sector is a short drop below with the entrance on a small, jutting-out area of grass.

Try not to overshoot

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It can be easy to overshoot the Chamber of Starlight lost sector due to the various paths winding around the Dreaming City region. If you find yourself at the Blind Well you’ve taken a wrong turn. It’s important not to miss the ledge to jump down. It can be deceiving as its surroundings look like a treacherous ravine, but it wouldn’t be called a lost sector if it weren’t at least a little hidden.

Enter the Chamber of Starlight lost sector to take on the Taken Hobgoblins, Acolytes, Thralls, and Ravenous Knights before opening the chest to retrieve your loot. Catching this lost sector in the rotation for Legendary or Master difficulty also has the chance to drop valuable Exotics too, so keep an eye out on the overworld map for that time to roll around.

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