Fire Emblem Engage: How to redeem achievements for bonus Bond Fragments

Go back to the Café Terrace periodically

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Ah…achievements! Even if Nintendo doesn’t have a hardline system for them that connects to your account, they have joined the masses of publishers that add them into individual games. That lengthy list now includes Fire Emblem Engage: here’s how to find the achievement redemption system, and what you get out of it.

You can “redeem” achievements through the Bulletin Board in the Café Terrace

Located directly in the Cafe Terrace against the wall to the left of the cafe counter is the Bulletin Board. You can do several things here, including donate to other nations (which provides bonuses in exchange for lump sums of gold), navigate the Somniel map (which you can do anyway through the X button anywhere in the Somniel), or browse achievements.

What do you get for redeeming achievements in Fire Emblem Engage?

Once you’re actually in the achievements menu, players are able to browse through potential targets/goals to hit, and claim completed [cleared] achievements. By manually triggering completed achievements, you’ll get Bond Fragments, a currency that primarily deals with the Emblem Ring system, and the support mechanic inherent to Fire Emblem Engage.

To claim all of your active achievements, press the ZR button. While this quality of life command is useful, it might be good to manually browse through the achievements to get a good idea of what the game is looking for: so you can make a point to constantly try and earn more Bond Fragments.

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