How to find Saya in Warframe

She’s hiding in plain sight

Warframe throws a lot at you in its opening hours. Sometime after you’ve figured out the movement mechanics, but well before you understand all the game’s currencies, you’ll have to track down Saya. 

Tracking Saya down actually isn’t that difficult, though it’s a bit complicated by the fact that she doesn’t have a dedicated map marker. Plus, navigating the sprawling roads of Cetus isn’t exactly straightforward, especially when you’re still a beginner

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Start at Konzu’s location, since he’s the one giving you the quest in the first place. From there, imagine that the entrance to the Eidolon Plains is north, and the docks where you first arrived in Cetus are south. You’ll want to head southwest from Konzu, and you can find Saya directly north of Old Man Sumbaat. Sumbaat is the vendor who sells gemstones and blueprints, and he has a map marker that looks like a small pickaxe. 

Saya is one of the NPCs that you’ll need to work with as you make your way across the Plains of Eidolon. Her quest actually begins in the Earth settlement Cetus, where Konzu tells you that he’s concerned about Saya. Her husband Onkko went missing on the plains five years ago, and ever since Saya has been single-mindedly obsessed with finding him, though he may no longer be alive. Konzu asks you to find Saya and talk some sense into her. 

Once you talk to Saya, she’ll give you a quest that sends you back out onto the plains. You’ll be helping her fight the Grineer while tracking down some recent rumors that might help her finally reunite with Onkko. 

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