Elden Ring Well Depths Key

How to find and where to use the Well Depths Key in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Plumbing the depths.

Much like its predecessors, Elden Ring often drops mysterious keys with no clear direction on where to bring them. The Well Depths Key in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is one such item, but luckily we can figure out where to take it rather quickly.

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You’ll find the Well Depths Key in Belurat, the Tower Settlement to the northwest of where you begin your journey in the Elden Ring DLC. It’s located in a room that’s cut off from a main path but is accessible with just the right amount of exploration and light hopping. The key opens a door at the bottom of a well, but we can tackle that step later.

Where to find the Well Depths Key in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The fastest way to the Well Depths Key location is to start at the ‘Small Private Altar’ Site of Grace, the second site after entering the settlement.

To find the key, walk through the door with the stone arch near the Small Private Altar. To the left is a bridge (where you can find the two enemies who were firing at you earlier), and to the right is a staircase leading up.

Take the staircase but watch out for the Horned Warrior patrolling up top. Unfortunately, to find the key, you’ll need to head left to where the warrior is going. Fight the warrior if you’re feeling confident, or follow him and head up the second short staircase. He’ll keep walking and stop at the end of the path.

You will be able to see where you need to go from here. Look up toward the building covered in purple cloth with a massive bird enemy standing guard. That’s where the key is.

To get there, we’ll need to find our way around. Head right just past the stairs and walk along the path with the building to your left and a broken wall along the right.

Keep going until you hit a wall, then go left — but watch for ambushes. The first is on your left before the end of the path, and the second is to your right after you turn and walk a short way. Keep moving until you reach a yellow stream heading left toward a waterfall. There’s another enemy ready to ambush you on the left-hand side, so be careful

After defeating the two large buttheads, walk toward the waterfall and enter the building on the right. There will be a lantern hanging to the left of the door.

Take the ladder to the floor above. If you turn around here, you will see a door leading onward. That’s where we need to go but, well, not with the hole here. Grab the Storeroom Key off the corpse against the wall and leave via the door to its right.

Outside is a staircase on the right leading up, and another staircase to your left heading down. Go left and stop at the top of the stairs (you may need to defeat the enemy here before continuing).

Don’t go down. Instead, look to your left to see a small, slanted rooftop with what appears to be sand covering a section. Jump onto the roof and walk until you get to the edge.

Look left and you’ll see a connecting hallway between two buildings with purple cloth draped over the side. Jump on the fabric and then hop over the railing.

To the left is the room with the ladder mentioned before, so go right instead. Watch for the ambush on your left and kill the enemy inside the room. The corpse in the corner holds the Well Depths Key.

Where to use the Well Depths Key in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The Well Depths Key unlocks a door at the bottom of a well in Belurat. To find it, open up the map and warp to the ‘Belurat, Tower Settlement’ Site of Grace.

Walk in the direction of the inner settlement toward the water fountain.

Take a right and go up the short staircase next to the fountain, avoiding or killing any enemies. Instead of going left toward the Small Private Altar, head right at the top of the stairs. Ahead, you’ll see another fountain with four spectral enemies praying. To the left of the fountain is a covered well, hiding in shadow. Take the ladder in the well, going down.

At the bottom of the ladder is a large drain pipe with a few enemies mulling about. Kill them and use the Well Depths Key on the gated door.

That’s it! So, what’s your reward for all this? A big, putrid lake of poison and (checks notes) an Ulcerated Tree Spirit ready to make your life a living hell. Awesome. Thanks, FromSoftware.

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