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How to find all hidden Antechamber chests in Hogwarts Legacy

They only take a few minutes to get, and you can go back if you missed them

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It’s really easy to filter out a lot of the ancillary collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy, especially if you’re already over-leveled/over-geared and couldn’t care less about a small increase in stats. But folks may want to know where to find every single secret, and that’s where we come in. We’ll show you where to find the Antechamber hidden chests, and how to return to it (if you haven’t been there already).

How to get to the Antechamber in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll pass through here naturally as part of the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” quest, early into the game.

If you need a refresher, the entrance lies in the restricted section of the library. Just go to the library Floo Flame, head to the front desk, and hug the wall with the fence next to it, turning right to enter the restricted section.

Follow the lengthy linear hallway down until you get to a magic doorway. Walk through/around it, interact with the Ancient Magic spot on the ground, and go through the door. Walk down the spiral staircase and into the big door below: you’re in.

If you already cleared the Antechamber, can you go back?

Like most areas in them with items/chests, you can go back to the Antechamber, even if you’ve cleared the story mission. All you need to do is follow the above instructions.

Antechamber hidden chest 1 location

Enter the first room and look left. See that chest in that alcove? You can get there by looking left, and standing near the edge of the small platform jutting out. As you approach it, a bridge will appear and will take you to the chest. Keep walking forward on the path, grab the chest, and head back the same way.

When you’re back at the platform you entered the room in, you’ll want to forge ahead to the next location. Go through the door by hitting the seal above it with a basic cast, creating a bridge to the next area.

Antechamber hidden chest 2 location

As you enter the similar-looking room with diamonds on the sides of the wall, look right to spot another alcove with a chest inside of it. Hit the seal on the door across the room.

Step on the platform to the right, and look up at the seal above. Hit it with a basic cast and look for the platform that appears leading to the alcove on the right side of the room. Jump over to it and enter the alcove.

Grab the second treasure and go back the way you came to exit the Antechamber. Or, continue through the dungeon if you’re on that particular story beat.

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