How to find a Galarian Meowth and Perrserker in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to find a Galarian Meowth and Perrserker in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You can do it in one shot

You know those classes at the academy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Well, they can be important! Sorta! While you can completely ignore your schoolwork for the entirety of your run (all the way through the endgame), you can also net a free Galarian Meowth: and thus, a Perrserker, for your efforts.

Note that this entire process will take around 30 minutes or less: if you quickly run through it after you’ve finished the game.

Step one: Go to the academy and take language classes

As a gimmick and a bit of world building, you can earn a Galarian region Meowth in Scarlet & Violet: which in turn evolves into a Perrserker (which is the only way to get one currently in Scarlet & Violet, instead of the normal evolutionary track of Persian). To start this whole side quest, you’ll head to the academy, then speak to the person behind the counter to take classes.

For this guide, you’ll be taking language classes from Professor Salvatore.

Step two: Complete every class, as well as midterms and finals (here are all the answers)

You’ll be required to complete six classes, as well as a midterm test and a final exam. Don’t fret: classes and tests only take several minutes each to complete.

Here are the full answers for every class and test:

  • Class 1 – Thank you
  • Class 2 – Delicious
  • Class 3- I love you
  • Class 4 – Angry
  • Class 5 – Sad
  • Class 6 – Happy


  • Thank you
  • Delicieux
  • Time to eat
  • Compliment
  • Salvatore (don’t forget the “e!”)


  • Delicieux
  • I love you
  • Angry
  • Happy
  • Salvatore

Step two: Keep finding and talking to Professor Salvatore, and he’ll gift you the Galarian Meowth/Perrserker

After your language classes are done, you’ll open up the opportunity to earn the Galarian Meowth from the professor: but you’ll need to keep tracking him down and build up your friendship with him first by simply talking to him.

To do that, go up to any location-select monitor in the school (it’s to the right of the entrance hall main desk), and keep scrolling until you see Professor Salvatore’s icon. Select it, and find him in that room/location, then speak to him. Repeat the process several times and he’ll give you a Galardian Meowth.

How to evolve the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Galarian Meowth into a Perrserker

The Galarian Meowth will evolve at level 28: no other fuss needed. The one that Salvatore gives you is level 5.

When it evolves, it can learn Iron Head.

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