How to farm Frog Coins fast in Super Mario RPG

Imagine how many Cricket Pies you could buy.

Coins are good and all in Super Mario RPG, but Frog Coins are where the action’s at. Some of the best items in the game can be bought with Frog Coins, but naturally, they come in a much more limited supply.

In truth, if you want to farm Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG, you have a few options. The best and fastest method by far involves the Paratroopa minigame at the Land’s End cliff. However, if you haven’t reached that point in the game yet, or you want an easier farming method, the Midas River minigame would be the closest runner-up. Finally, those who aren’t in a rush may just want to keep playing the game and naturally come across Frog Coins as they play. Let’s break each of these options down.

Paratrooper minigame to farm frog coins in Super Mario RPG
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The fastest way to farm Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG: The Paratroopa minigame

The Paratroopa minigame seems relatively uneventful compared to the other activities in Super Mario RPG, but it’s by far one of the best things to farm. Not only can you get the Troopa Medal accessory, but you can also get a ton of Frog Coins if you get good at this game. Clearing the course under 11.5 seconds will get you a Frog Coin, and managing a time under 10 second will earn you five Frog Coins.

It takes practice to get used to the precision jumps involved here. However, the Paratroopa layout is exactly the same every time, so you should develop the muscle memory for this before too long. Even if you’re only succeeding one in every ten attempts, you’re still getting Frog Coins at a faster rate than the other options. If you want Frog Coins, this is easily the best option.

Getting Frog Coins from the Midas River minigame in Super Mario RPG
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The easiest way to farm Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG: The Midas River course

While the Paratroopa course is almost certainly your best farming option, it does require a level of skill that might be tricky for some to pull off. If you want a much slower, but steady way to farm coins, the Midas River isn’t a bad option.

If you talk to the Toad by the spring, you can pay 30 Coins to ride the river again. And for every 75 coins you collect here, you’ll get one Frog Coin. If you get good at this minigame, you should be able to net 80+ coins per run, which means at least one Frog Coin in your pocket. Just collect as many coins as you can as you fall down the Waterfall, and make sure to follow the coin trails when you’re on the barrel in the river. You’ll need to intentionally hit barrels to change your lane in certain cases.

Beetles Are Us store location in Super Mario RPG
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The okay way to farm Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG: Booster Hill

If neither of the above methods work for you, you can also repeat the Booster Hill minigame to farm Frog Coins. Granted, you can’t do this as soon as you see the minigame in the story. You’ll first have to solve the problem plaguing Seaside Town, which will bring the townspeople back. Once you clear this objective, look to the left of the Weapon & Armor shop (pictured above). You’ll find a store called Beetles Are Us, which will let you buy a Beetle Box for 50 coins.

Booster Hill minigame in Super Mario RPG
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With the Beetle Box in hand, return to the Booster Hill. You can now repeat the minigame here, except now you’ll chase down beetles flying in front of you. You’ll need to bounce off the barrels and Snifsters to reach the bugs, just as you did when chasing down Booster running away with Princess Peach. Every beetle you collect will reward you with coins, whereas the golden beetles will reward you with Frog Coins for each one you catch. Once you complete the minigame, return to Beetles Are Us in Seaside Town to exchange your Beetle Box for the corresponding rewards.

As a Frog Coin farming method, Booster Hill is a mixed bag. It requires more skill than Midas River, but it doesn’t come close to the Frog Coins per minute you’ll get from the Paratrooper minigame. That said, it’s certainly faster than Midas River, so if you need Frog Coins but only just beat Seaside Town, I suppose this is your best option.

Yellow enemies that drop Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG
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The passive way to farm Frog Coins: Just keep playing

The Super Mario RPG remake dishes out Frog Coins during your adventure via special enemies. These foes marked with yellow text are harder to take down, but they yield a Frog Coin upon defeat. Additionally, many hidden treasure chests contain Frog Coins as well. Hunting these down will add quite a bit of cash to your stash.

Now, farming random encounters just for Frog Coins isn’t terribly efficient. I mean, farming enemies is okay if you’re trying to level up your team. But once you hit max level, you’re better off with the above options. However, if you’re just trying to purchase that one extra accessory or two and don’t necessarily need them now, just continuing to play the game should see you with the Frog Coins you need. Pick whichever farming method works best for you!

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