How to easily complete the stealthy assassin challenge in the Resident Evil 4 remake

“Perform three consecutive stealth kills without being detected”

Stealth isn’t always an option in the Resident Evil series: the Resident Evil 4 remake included! But in the re-release, Leon does have a lot more tools at his disposal, including stealth kills. Here’s how to do three of them undetected, which will pop the “stealthy assassin” challenge for more CP to spend on bonuses.

How do you complete the stealthy assassin challenge?

Simply put, you need to kill three enemies while remaining in stealth, without being spotted.

Here’s the exact verbiage from the game: “Perform three consecutive stealth kills without being detected.”

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The village near the start of the game is your first good opportunity to complete stealthy assassin

As soon as you enter the famous village area close to the start of the game, you’ll want to veer left: this will keep you out of sight of the mob.

Move to the left and take out the enemies that have their back toward you, to avoid creating a commotion. To get the second or third stealth kill you may need to find a patrolling enemy, or move around the sides of each house to find ample enemies. Be careful of drawing attention, or you’ll lose your stealth streak.

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The Cargo Depot in Chapter 14 is another great last stop before the end of the game

Another perfect opportunity to finish out stealthy assassin is located in Chapter 14. There’s three enemies right next to each other: but far enough away where none of them will alert one another with their yells.

Here’s the order you’ll want to take them out in:

  • First, starting from the right side of the map (where Leon starts), hug the right wall and look for the enemy there: sneak up from behind and take them down with your knife
  • Immediately following that enemy is a patrol: wait until they’re facing away, then stealth kill them
  • Loop around the stairwell and look up for the enemy patrolling the stairs: wait until they reach the bottom of the stairs, then sneak to the side and take them out
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