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How to defeat the Great Hog in Minecraft Legends

Face the final boss of Minecraft Legends

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You’ve come a long way since you began your journey. You’ve built power at the Well of Fate, protected villagers from Piglin invasions, and united the monsters of the Overworld to your cause. Now, all that stands between you and a peaceful world is the Great Hog, the leader of the Piglin hoards.

Make no mistake, the battle with the Great Hog will be your fiercest challenge yet. However, if you’ve made it this far, you have what it takes to bring this beast down for good. Here’s how to defeat the Great Hog once and for all.

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Destroy every building

The Great Hog has turned the Well of Fate into a war zone. There are more enemy settlements here than any base you’ve faced so far, so you’ll need to take care of those first.

Find a spot around the Well of Fate that has fewer reinforcements and command your army to destroy the enemy units and bases. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by enemies at this stage, so watch out for stronger foes like Pigmadillos or Portal Guards. Have your units focus on these stronger enemies while you attack the small fry yourself.

To aid your army, you’ll want many Cobblestone Golems to destroy the numerous buildings in front of you. Mossy Golems will also keep your troops healthy against these overwhelming odds. If the Piglin numbers get to be too much, consider bringing an army of Plank Golems to take out the troops. Once you gain some momentum, you’ll destroy the Great Hog’s base in no time.

Don’t charge straight towards the Great Hog. Move in a circle around the central base so you can systematically topple every structure that will spawn reinforcements or attack you. If your numbers start to diminish, fall back and summon more units. Additionally, if you gain ground on the foe, you can use Cure Netherrack to purify the area. This will let you build Spawners closer to battle, minimizing your time backtracking. You may also take this opportunity to build a Red Stone Launcher to deal long-range damage to the trickier enemies and buildings in front of you.

Once you’ve cleared the area, charge towards the Well of Fate’s center to begin the final showdown.

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The best units to bring for the Great Hog

You’ll want a mixture of units to face the Great Hog. It will inflict devastating blows at close range, so you’ll have a hard time keeping your forces alive. For this reason, Skeletons are your MVP during this fight.

The Great Hog will focus on you and your melee range units. Have your Skeletons begin their barrage on the Great Hog while you strategically face the monster away from your allies. Keep it busy and dodge its attacks, as your goal is to defend your forces while they take the fierce monster down.

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As the encounter continues, enemy buildings may appear around the arena. These will pose a threat to the Skeletons, and they won’t survive the incoming enemy fire by themselves. At this point, you may want to fall back and bring reinforcements that can attack the buildings. If you’re adept at issuing commands, have Cobblestone Golems focus on the new structures while you attract the Great Hog’s attention and let the Skeletons deal serious damage.

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If your reserves of diamonds are running low, you can spawn Plank Golems in place of Skeletons. They aren’t necessarily as powerful, but they will inflict damage if you just need to take down the remainder of the Great Hog’s health.

Remember, the Great Hog won’t heal if you retreat. Keep systematically dismantling its base while you attack it, and eventually, you will defeat the monster. Don’t give up, and don’t get careless. You have what it takes to win this.

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What happens after you defeat the Great Hog?

Once the Great Hog is finished, the ending to the Minecraft Legends Campaign will play. Afterwards, you’ll be free to explore the world without the threat of Piglin bases or invasions. You’ll still find bands of roaming Piglins, but these foes are small fry compared to what you’ve faced.

There’s nothing to do at this stage. You can uncover secrets you initially missed, but you don’t have more bosses to use against them. If your hungry for more Campaign action, consider starting a new file on a higher difficulty. You’ll spawn a completely different world every time!

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