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How Long is the Minecraft Legends Campaign? – Revealed

Minecraft Legends will take a few days to finish

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Minecraft Legends is a strategy game that will provide hours of competitive entertainment for up to eight players. That said, Minecraft Legends also has a Campaign Mode that pits the player against hoards of enemy Piglins. Whether you experience this adventure solo or with friends, you will have plenty of enemy bases to destroy.

Naturally, you might ask how long the Campaign in Minecraft Legends takes to complete. This doesn’t have an easy answer. I played the Campaign by myself on the Fabled difficulty, and I reached the ending in about 12 hours. I’ve since spent another hour or two uncovering secrets in my world that I initially skipped. However, these side objectives are mostly for fun once the finale has concluded. Some of the Piglin bases also went down easy for me, as I often used Creepers to destroy Piglin Portals while several enemy structures were still active. More methodical players may take longer to conquer some of these challenges.

In my estimation, the Campaign mode will take less time to complete if you play it with friends. Conversely, it should take a bit longer to finish if you play on one of the harder difficulties. The world map changes every time you start a Campaign, so honestly, it’s impossible to say what exactly you should expect for your first playthrough. Fortunately, if the Campaign leaves you wanting more Piglins to fight, you can jump to the Lost Legends mode for some fierce encounters that will test your mastery of the game.

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