How to counter Huntress in Warcraft Rumble

The Huntress is a common roadblock

As you progress through Warcraft Rumble, you might run into a ton of tough spots, brought about by some of the stronger units in the game. Here’s how to easily counter Huntress and start making progress again.

Huntress is a powerful mini, but like most things, it has counters

If you’re fighting an army that has the Huntress in tow, it’s a good idea to not take weaker flying units (like Harpies). Some fliers made of sterner stuff (like the Bat Rider) might be able to take a hit and attempt to trade, but the Huntress is very resilient (it takes 50% less elemental damage through the resistant trait) and will continue on down the lane like nothing happened.

Here are some good units to focus on when taking on Huntress-centric PVE levels or PVP players.

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The Abomination is one of the best ranged counters in the entire game. Not only is it resilient against the Huntress’ damage output: but it also hooks ranged minis to pull them closer for a cleave melee attack.

If you throw this in a lane by itself with a Huntress, it’ll grab it from the opponent’s backline and quickly cleave it. The Abomination is an expensive mini, but it’s reliable.

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The Worgen can be summoned anywhere on the board as an unbound unit, and will remain cloaked via stealth until it’s hit by an area-of-effect attack, or reaches an enemy unit. Use it as a cheap 3-gold on-demand way to take out Huntress units – just summon it near the Huntress and let things play out.

Oftentimes times Huntress minis will be an army’s sole anti-air choice, so completely locking them down can lead to a swift victory.

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Defias Bandits

Defias Bandits are useful for myriad reasons. They’re cheap, so they can help cycle your units to quickly get something you need. They’re weak, but they come into the battleground with stealth, so they won’t get picked off quickly.

They can also stun units, so they can be used as a very inexpensive way to take out a lone Huntress. This is before even accounting for potential unit upgrades.

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Footmen are a fantastic unit in general, and can hard counter a lot of what the game throws at you. As a squad-based mini, it can overwhelm the Huntress through sheer numbers; and the armored trait will allow you to take 50% less physical damage, even though the Huntress is hitting all of them with her glaive weapon.

Try and get the Shield Bash skill to help you take out the Huntress.

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As we established Huntress minis can take a lot of hits, so slinging spells at them isn’t the best use of your resources. Unless of course, you’re sporting Blizzard, which can take out the Huntress and the pack that they’re running with.

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