How to complete Trial of Flood & Trial of Elements WoW Dragonflight

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As we’ve talked about many times, there’s so much stuff packed into WoW Dragonflight, you’ve probably missed a bunch of content already. The Trial of Flood and Elements are likely among those! Let’s fix that now.

Both trials are (you guessed it) on spawn timers

Like many aspects of WoW Dragonflight, you’ll need to wait for both of these trials, and rely on the kindness of general chat: as well as group finder to kick these trials off.

Finding the location of (and finishing) the Trial of Flood

The Trial of the Flood is located at the Ohn’iri Springs in Ohn’ahran Plains, at coordinates 55.8, 78. It’s in a completely open area, and the location itself is very stark, making it easy to find. Don’t pay attention to the mobs in the giant pool at the bottom of the landing: the trial takes place in the small bowl with the two centaur NPCs next to it.

For the Trial of the Flood, all you need to do is take down multiple stages of elements (weak mobs), in a survival-esque setting. For swiftness, it’s best to have at least a party involved. Once you take out all four stages, the chest in the center of the area can be looted. That’s it!

Like the Dragonbane Keep siege event, you’ll earn iLevel-scaled gear for your efforts.

Finding the location of (and finishing) the Trial of Elements

The Trial of the Elements is located at the “Primalist Tomorrow” zone, which requires a bit of work to get to. It’s not actually on the main map: rather, it’s located in the Temporal Conflux in southeast Thaldraszus (coordinates 60.5, 83). Head into the portal on the platform to enter Primalist Tomorrow: then find a cave in the northwest portion of the zone. A full visual guide can be found in the gallery above.

Just like the Trial of the Flood, the Elements event is a wave-based survival activity. It’s very short and easy. Also like the Trial of the Flood, you’ll earn iLevel-scaled gear for your efforts.

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