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How to complete the Vex Strikeforce public event in Destiny 2

Rarer than it ought to be

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Destiny 2: Lightfall has seen the release of a whole new environment including new missions, secrets, hidden action figures, and brand new quests, but the most sought-after addition to the game is the Vex Strikeforce public event in Neomuna as it guarantees an Exotic item to drop. This is the only way to guarantee an Exotic to drop in Destiny 2 so understandably Guardians are eagerly seeking the public event. Some have been left stumped though, as it doesn’t seem to appear very often and when it does, it’s quite hidden.

Each day the Vex Incursion zone will move on your Neomuna overworld map, and it is within these Vex Incursion zones that the Vex Strikeforce public event will spawn. It seems to be at random, although some players have noticed a pattern that it will either spawn at 10 to or 10 past the hour. We have attempted to recreate this pattern and can confirm that this seems to be correct although whether this is intentionally done by Bungie or just luck of the draw remains to be seen.

How to start the Vex Strikeforce public event

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When the public event is about to spawn, a message will appear on the screen which reads, “Vex Strikeforce Incoming,” in capital letters. On the top left of the screen a “Supernumerary Blitz” public event message will appear. Then, a flag and a marker will spawn much like any normal public event. You can rally to the flag to restore all ammo, abilities, and supers to be fully prepared for the public event. It is an arduous task, so being prepared is key.

The event will begin automatically and Guardians don’t need to do anything to trigger it. From then, a horde of Vex enemies will descend. It is the player’s job to kill six huge Vex Minotaur enemies by using an Arc weapon that drops from specific enemies in order to remove their shields. You’ll want a lot of damage output as there is a ten-minute time limit in which to kill all of the Minotaurs.

After killing all six in the ten minutes given, a chest will spawn with your guaranteed Exotic amongst some other rewards such as Neomuna rank points and glimmer. You’ll also complete the Supernumerary Blitz Triumph after halting all of the Minotaurs and opening the chest.

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