All of Curtis’ key locations in Dead Island 2

Curtis' key locations in Dead Island 2

A little cryptic

The Curtis key locations in Dead Island 2 are actually quite tricky to obtain. You’ll need to complete the Death of the Party quest and help the aged celebrity Curtis for one, but the other two are a bit more cryptic. One requires a bit more time than expected, while another is hard to reach. Here’s where to find all of Curtis’ keys in Dead Island 2. 

Where to find Curtis’ safe key

Crystal the Lawyer Dead Island 2
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The trickier one is the safe key. To find that, you’ll need to progress through the story until you’ve unlocked screamers in the game. Specifically, you need to complete the Justifiable Zombicide mission that’s around four to five hours into the main campaign.

Once that mission is completed, Crystal the Lawyer should show up near Curtis’ residence. Go outside to the patio that has Curtis’ logo on the ground spattered with bloody footprints on it. Now, turn right. You’ll see a sign saying the building up ahead, pictured above, is the Guest Restrooms. Go inside and on the right, you’ll see Crystal the Lawyer ready to attack; I recommend using an assault rifle as she’s pretty tough. Once you take her out, she’ll drop the safe keys. You’ll find the now unlockable safe in the wine cabinet inside Curtis’ house. Once you open it, you’ll get a rare Tactical Heavy Revolver with 220 power. This will certainly be handy in future missions.

Where to find Curtis’ house key

The house key is the easiest to find. That’s because Curtis actually gives you them after finishing the Death of the Party side quest. Bring back power to Curtis’ residence and then fight a few waves of zombies to complete the quest. The blue marker will lead you to a room with an open wire flicking electricity out of it. It may be perplexing at first as there isn’t a fuse nearby for the empty fuse box. However, you may realize that you can source energy from the wire itself. Use a can of water in the room, and the nearby fuse box will spark to life.

Where to find Curtis’ garage key

Garage key location Dead Island 2
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The funny thing about the Curtis key locations is that the garage key is a bit of a joke. You in fact don’t need the key to get into the garage. Use the switch in between the cars to open up the left metal gate. You’ll find many items you can pick up like a scaffold pole on the right. Continue looking to the right, and you’ll see wooden crates. Smack them with any weapon and they’ll burst open, revealing a pathway underneath the upside-down table. Crouch down with the circle button (or B on Xbox) and crawl through.

In the new area you just discovered, the garage key is waiting to be picked up. It’s actually in the locked area you couldn’t access before! What a joke! You’ll find a rake, fasteners, scrap, the Reinforced perk, fabric,  adhesive, metal parts, wire, and a steel pipe there. With all these newfound materials, you could probably upgrade your weapons with the workbench inside the garage too. Now you know where all of Curtis’ key locations are.

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