How to complete the In Good Health & Spirits DMZ mission in Modern Warfare 2

how to complete the In Good Health and Spirits DMZ mission Season 3

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DMZ features a slew of new missions for players to complete for XP and contraband rewards in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3. Most of these new missions are for the currently redacted new faction, including the Tier 2 In Good Health and Spirits DMZ mission.

How to complete the In Good Health and Spirits DMZ mission

The In Good Health and Spirits Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mission seems like a fairly straightforward challenge at first glance. There is only a single objective players need to complete, unlike the three-part Cartel Investigation DMZ mission.

Here’s what you need to do finish In Good Health and Spirits:

  • Revive a knocked enemy using a Revive Pistol

The key part to note here is that you need to revive a fallen enemy, not your own DMZ teammate. This is rather counterintuitive since you are, technically, competing against the other squads in this mode. However, Infinity Ward wants you to find some peace amidst the war for a moment.

This rather simple task has some challenge associated with it. For one, you have to find an enemy who is downed (possibly by you) and revive them. That can be a problem since the revived player and their teammates may want some revenge.

But the other main challenge with this DMZ mission is finding a Revive Pistol.

Where to find a Revive Pistol in DMZ

The Revive Pistol is one of the latest weapons introduced in Season 3 of DMZ. This new item lets you revive a teammate instantly from afar, without having to go through the usual manual revive method. This saves you time and doesn’t make you as vulnerable to enemy attacks while reviving someone.

The problem is finding the Revive Pistol in the first place. You can’t just go up to a downed enemy and manually revive them, after all. You’ll occasionally find the Revive Pistol in containers, but only if you’re lucky.

Thankfully, there is a better way to guarantee the Revive Pistol. DMZ Season 3 introduced a new Barter system, which is essentially crafting for items in the middle of a match. You can get a Revive Pistol by collecting the following items:

  • A bandage
  • Soothing hand cream

These are random common materials players can find while exploring Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. They are a bit easier to find than the Revive Pistol on its own, though. Once you have both materials, all you need to do is head to the nearest Buy Station and use the Barter menu to exchange these materials for a Revive Pistol.

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