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How to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle side quest

Treasure hunting

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Hogwarts Legacy features more than 100 quests for players to complete during their time as a student at the magical school. One of the earlier side quests players can discover is Cache in the Castle. Unfortunately, completing it will require an aptitude for treasure-hunting.

How to start the Cache in the Castle side quest

To begin, Cache in the Castle is a side quest that the NPC Arthur Plummly gives to you. You can find Arthur and this side quest at the bottom of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. Speak with the NPC and Arthur will give you a treasure map.

There are three locations that lead you to the treasure at the end. Unfortunately, no further hints are given, much like the Gobs of Gobstones quest. The only hint you have are the sketches of what these places look like. There is a rhino skeleton, a dragon-themed fountain, and a large painting.

Here is how to find all three locations in Hogwarts and obtain the reward at the end.

Cache in the Castle rhino skeleton location

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First off is the rhino skeleton, which happens to be quite close to where Arthur gives you the Cache in the Castle side quest. From Arthur’s location, you’ll want to head up the nearby staircase and then take a left at the platform to go up some more stairs.

When you arrive at the top here, you’ll see a large rhinoceros skeleton on display. Simply approach this skeleton and your character will take note of it. The quest will then continue with you needing to locate the second clue on the treasure map.

Dragon fountain location

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The second location is a dragon fountain. From the rhino skeleton, head back down the stairs where you came from until you reach the very bottom of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. There will be a large door in front of you when you reach the bottom.

Go through the door and this will lead you to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Head left in the courtyard towards the massive statue in the middle. Approach it and the character will take note of the dragon statue, completing the second objective in this quest.

Painting location

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The final location to visit is the large painting. From the dragon statue, head directly behind it to a door that leads you into the North Hall. Head straight and then right up the stairs a couple of flights until you see a large blue snowy painting in front of you.

Interact with the painting and a short event will happen as stairs lead up to a secret passageway behind the painting where the treasure chest and your reward awaits.

Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle rewards

The chest hidden behind the painting is your reward for this quest. Open it up and you’ll receive the Authentic Historian’s Uniform. This is an outfit cosmetic item you can equip for appearance purposes. Returning to Arthur will let you keep this item and grant you an additional 180 experience points for completing this quest.

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