How to complete the Favor for a Friend mission in DMZ Warzone 2

Finding and extracting all three items

The DMZ mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is perhaps the most popular game mode, providing players with hours of entertainment and challenging missions presented by various factions within the game. In our previous guide, we provided essential insights and details to assist you in completing the Substantial Findings mission for the Black Mous faction.

Now, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you successfully navigate another Tier 3 mission for the Black Mous faction, called “Favor for a Friend.” This mission is comprised of three straightforward tasks: locating and extracting a friend’s watch, a heart necklace, and a photo. Without further ado, let us delve into the details of this mission, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure the completion of the task without any obstruction.

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Fortunately, unlike the Substantial Findings mission, the tasks for this mission are conveniently located within a single POI in Al Mazrah, simplifying your mission. To begin, make your way to a village situated north of the Sattiq Cave Complex, as indicated on the map. Look for a house with a distinctive garden inside. In this area, you will find a water reservoir on an elevated platform. Position yourself beside it and go prone to locate the watch. You might need to adjust your position if necessary to retrieve the watch.

After securing the watch, your next objective is to locate the heart necklace. This particular item is situated in a rather typical location and may pose some difficulty if you are unsure where exactly to search. Proceed to the backyard of the house and carefully examine the left corner near the wall. Within a bush in this area, you will discover the heart necklace.

Lastly, the photo is the easiest item to locate. Enter the house and either lie down next to the bed or stand upon it to find the photo. It should be easily visible there. Once you have acquired all three items, the only remaining task is to extract from the area while carrying the items. Upon successful extraction, the mission will be marked as completed.

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