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How to complete the Eyes And Ears mission in DMZ Warzone 2

Let’s go to Tsuki Castle

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If you’re playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ, chances are you’ve encountered the challenging Eyes and Ears mission. This is a Tier 4 mission for the Black Mous faction, meaning you’ll need to come prepared. The primary goal of the mission is to plant a radio transmitter at the base of Shadow Company on Ashika Island, in order to spy on their activities. To successfully complete the mission, you’ll need to accomplish three distinct tasks.

You’ll find essential details and strategies to complete this mission below.

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Take the Discrete Radio Transmitter from the Beach Club Dead Drop

The initial task of the mission is relatively simple. First, retrieve the Discrete Radio Transmitter from the Beach Club Dead Drop. The location of this Dead Drop should be familiar to those who have been playing the game for a while. In fact, it is the same location where the Tier 1 Crown Faction mission, Whistleblower, was carried out.

To locate the Beach Club Dead Drop, look behind the gas station situated just in front of the City Hall. You’ll see the exact location of the Dead Drop on the map provided.

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Plant the Radio Transmitter at Shadow Company’s base

The second task of the mission is the most challenging one. You need to plant the Radio Transmitter in the Tsuki Castle, specifically under the Central Security Desk on the top floor. However, soliders guard the Tsuki Castle, including the Wheelson that continuously patrols the building. Prepare to face a tough time ahead.

To enter the castle, You can either hack and disable the Wheelson or use the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key if you have one. Once inside, make your way to the top floor, looking out for the heavily guarded soldiers along the way. Remember that you’ll also need to revisit this location later to complete the Double Cross mission for the Redacted Faction. Memorizing the layout now will help you in the future.

You’ll find the Central Security Desk in the room where you’d typically find the Bombmaker. Look for the desk with multiple monitors on it. Plant the Radio Transmitter under it to complete the second objective. Afterwards, exfil through any nearby extraction point to successfully finish the mission. It is important to note that failing to do so will result in having to play the entire mission again.

Since you’ll have to face heavily guarded enemies while entering the castle, it is recommended to check out our guide on the best weapon loadout to be well-prepared before initiating the mission.

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