How to complete A Call from the Depths quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom A Call from the Depths quest

Peer into the abyss

There are a few important Breath of the Wild locales you might want to revisit in your time with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And one of those revisits may lead you to re-exploring an old setting both above and below ground through the side adventure A Call from the Depths.

The call starts from the Temple of Time on the surface, located back on the Great Plateau. You might remember this as the place Link started his journey in Breath of the Wild. For this particular Tears of the Kingdom quest, you’ll want to head back to the Temple of Time (the one on the surface) and chat with the Goddess Statue there.

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How to break the stone gate in A Call from the Depths

The first task the statue will ask of you is to break open the stone gate of the Great Plateau, which is currently forming a bit of a lake. Head back north and look for a waterlogged region, then head to the outside and smack the stones keeping the water in. You can use a weapon fused with a rock, or a Bomb Flower.

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After cracking that open and draining the water, the statue will call for you again. Head back to the Temple of Time, and you’ll be given a new task, along with the official start of A Call from the Depths.

The voice will ask you to travel across the Great Plateau to four different chasms, in four different places, to find a mysterious eye. You’ll need to drop each one into the Depths, follow it down, and return the eye to the statue.

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How to return the eyes to the statue in A Call from the Depths

Thankfully, you’re given waypoints, at least for where the chasms and eyes are on the surface. One sits at north, south, west, and east apiece, and they’re mostly easy to gather. They’ll be somewhere near the chasm, and you’ll need to Ultrahand them and simply chuck them down the hole. Don’t worry, they’re not fragile.

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Once they’re down in the Depths, you’ll need to get the Eye to its destination, and here’s where you won’t have any waypoints. What’s nice is, there are some other tools to help you out.

Dropping down to the north or south points first will put you near a lightroot, which will illuminate the region on a massive scale. Brightbloom seeds will also help, and thankfully, it’s not a far trek.

The place you’re looking for is central to all four points, and sits just below the Great Plateau. It’s a hub of sorts for the Depths, and also contains a different side quest, if you’d like to undertake it while returning the eyes.

Here’s a map, if you get lost or want some pointers.

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The seeds also drop down near handy tools, including one pretty fun cart ride over, so I highly suggest making use of those. The Zonai didn’t invent all these devices wanting them to go to waste, after all.

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Once you reach the main structure, you can look for a stairwell down. You’ll know it by following the status down here too, which should direct you towards an ominous chamber, that looks almost like an ancient mech hangar.

Place the eye in with Ultrahand. Now just rinse and repeat three more times, once for each eye. Something worth noting is that, if for any reason you lose the eye, it seems to respawn back where you first found it on the surface.

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The reward for finishing A Call from the Depths

It’s a bit of work, but ultimately worth it. Once all four eyes are returned, the statue will come to life and offer you a choice of boon: health, or stamina. Yes, this is basically just a free blessing. But rather than finish out four shrines, you’ve returned eyes to an ancient talking statue.

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Additionally, the statue will also let you trade in any collected Poes you have for items. These range from some useful materials to clothing, like the Dark Tunic. It’s worth it to open this shop up, if you haven’t.

And in the process of doing this side adventure, you’ve probably lit up two new lightblooms in the Depths and found an additional quest, which is a fairly notable one for the underground. A Call from the Depths is a nice introduction to this section of the Depths, and definitely worth visiting if you’re drifting through the Great Plateau.

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