How to climb higher up walls & mountains in Forspoken

Utilizing that Magic Parkour to explore.

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Forspoken lets players move through a magical open world called Athia, fighting monsters and learning new spells. These spells are also skills that will aid Frey, the heroine, in her mission to fight the Tantas and navigate her new world. Frey can unlock spells by leveling up in the game, using Mana, or finding Founts of Blessing scattered around the country. These Founts are sacred places that may help Frey awaken dormant magic within herself, but she will have to locate them first. The terrain of Athia varies, but there are tons of Medieval walls to scale and steep cliffs to climb. Frey will have to learn a few spells as she explores the world, but each will help her climb higher up walls and mountains.

Spell 1: Leap

The first spell that will help with climbing is Leap. Frey can learn Leap when she visits Mulberry Fount in The Barren Plains. The spell will allow her to kick off of a wall in order to climb higher than she could before. It’s great for scaling walls, but Frey can only kick off so many times before she falls. While it won’t get her over mountains, Leap is really important for navigating the village she comes across, so be sure to snag this spell when you can.

Spell 2: Zip

The only way to acquire the Zip spell is by defeating the first Tanta. When you’ve gathered enough skills to reach Tanta Sila and win against her in battle, her arsenal of spells becomes yours! Zip is one of them. It lets you pick an anchor spot on a surface and “zip” toward it. Once you get the hang of it, you can pick a second point while midair and so on as you scale tall objects.

Also, there are anchor point objects scattered around Athia that will give Zip a little bonus. Out of some surfaces in town, there will be these horizontal posts that Zip can anchor to, spinning Frey around and launching her forward. There are also these Yellow Crystals that stick out of cliff sides. If Frey uses one as an anchor, it will shoot her straight up, where she can aim for another anchor point. Using Leap occasionally with Zip will definitely help you climb higher. You can use Cuff to scan an area and see these different anchor points and how they will help you move too.

Spell 3: Soar

Finally, unlocking Soar in the Rosewood Fount in The Water Garden will help tremendously. Soar is like a super-powered Leap. Frey will be able to kick off of the wall several more times than with Leap alone and in quick succession. This will have her scaling the sides of mountains and high walls in no time. You will likely come across this Fount before you face the second Tanta, so all three of these spells are learned relatively early in the game.

You can always circle back to areas where you didn’t have the ability to explore before unlocking these spells. That’s the great thing about open worlds. Hopefully, you’re enjoying Forspoken, and if you need more help, we have a few more guides here. Check out how to get Mana and upgrade spells as well as how to fast travel using Pilgrim’s Refuges and Belfry Towers for more.

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