How to fast travel in Forspoken using Pilgrim’s Refuges & Belfry Towers

forspoken fast travel guide

Athian Express

Square Enix’ mythical adventure Forspoken has one mammoth open world to explore, with the fantasy kingdom of Athia offering up a practical county of gameplay area, which would probably look pretty nice if it wasn’t all swarming with corrupted beasts and slavering zombies.

And while hero Frey Holland is more than adept at racing over the hills, mountains, and valleys of Athia, it can sometimes help the player to put a little extra pace into the process, especially if they need to get coast-to-coast in rapid fashion. Like most open-world titles, Forspoken has a “Fast Travel” system, and quite a lenient one at that. Right now, we’ll tell you how to use it to the best effect.

forspoken fast travel guide

Forspoken‘s many Belfry Towers and Pilgrim’s Refuges represent Athia’s Fast Travel anchors, and can be used as teleport points for our heroes, (that’s Frey and Cuff, of course). Once Frey has visited a Refuge or a Belfrey, it will automatically become locked-in as an available Fast Travel destination. Notably, Frey can Fast Travel to any uncovered Belfry or Refuge from anywhere on the map, so a player doesn’t have to be in a Refuge/Belfry to travel to another Refuge/Belfry.

To fast travel, simply bring up the map and press Square (PS5) to open a list of all unlocked Fast Travel points. Select your destination and away you go. Note that, occasionally, the Fast Travel option will be locked. These instances include when Frey is engaged in battle, when she is trapped within a Breakstorm, or during certain story-based sequences that lock you to a specific area of the map.

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