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How to clear the Forsaken Graveyard in Octopath Traveler 2

Here’s how to get to the Forsaken Graveyard

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The Forsaken Graveyard is a dangerous optional dungeon in Octopath Traveler 2. To find it, go to Montville and climb down a ladder near the south side of the area. This land of the dead boasts a Danger Level of 40, so you’ll likely be underleveled if you try to enter here as soon as you can.

Though this zone is dangerous, you’ll find some powerful equipment if you decide to brave this dungeon. While not necessarily best-in-slot, these weapons will be notable upgrades as you journey towards the endgame. Additionally, you’ll find a powerful consumable item you’ll want to save for the hardest boss in the game. Here’s what you should expect from this forgotten cemetery.

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What to find in the Forsaken Graveyard

To prepare for the Forsaken Graveyard, your team should wield a wide variety of weapon types. You likely have this covered by this point in the game, but if not, make sure your party can use Swords, Polearms, Axes, and Staves. These will enable you to hit the weaknesses of all common enemies here.

Near the beginning of the area, you’ll find a small shrine across from a bridge. Travel here and open the chest to find a Grail of Life. This item is similar to the Megalixir from Final Fantasy, as it fully heals and revives every member of your party. As far as I can tell, this is one of two Grails of Life found in the entire game (the other being located in the Lair of the Usurper). Save this for an absolute emergency.

Afterwards, continue towards the southern side of the area. Explore the offshoots as you climb down the many staircases to find some valuable treasure. Notable among these is the Dark Slasher, an Axe that increases Phys. Atk by 197 and Critical by 58. The Dark Slasher also boosts the power of dark-based attacks, which admittedly is a niche perk. If you’re using Throne equipped with Hunter, Inventor, or Apothecary as a secondary job, you might squeeze some synergy out of this.

Once you’re at the end of the path, you’ll climb a long staircase and receive a warning of an overwhelming sense of danger. Heal up your party and prepare for the boss battle that awaits you.

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How to defeat the Devourer of Dreams

The Devourer of Dreams has a unique gimmick to contend with, though fortunately it’s not tough to circumvent. This miniboss has 55,000 HP and is initially weak to Swords, Axes, Staves, and Wind.

When the Devourer of Dreams first acts, it will use Invitation to Dream. This will hide your party members’ portraits on the turn order bar, making it hard to tell when your protagonists will act. Luckily, the Devourer itself will remain visible, so you can still reliably break it before it attacks. From here, Devourer of Dreams will use attacks that inflict status ailments on your party. Terrifying Blow is a physical attack that has a chance of inflicting Terror, preventing the use of Boost. Nightmare is a party-wide spell that can inflict Sleep and Confuse for two turns. You can equip accessories to mitigate these status effects, but brute-forcing the Devourer’s shields is just as effective.

If the boss remains alive for long enough, it may shuffle its weaknesses to Fire, Ice, and Wind. In my testing, it also appeared to shuffle its initial weaknesses to Polearms, Bows, Staves, and Wind after knocking out a party member. Like any boss, you’ll risk it triggering a powerful attack if its shield is left unbroken for long enough. When you see the message “Your foe tries to lull you into an eternal sleep,” spare no expense in hitting its shield points. If you’re having a hard time breaking the Devourer, consider using Temenos with Scholar as a secondary job to reliably attack the boss’ shield.

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How to get the Forbidden Blade

Once the Devourer of Dreams is defeated, you’ll see a red chest in front of you. Open it and you’ll obtain the Forbidden Blade. When equipped, this unique sword will grant 322 Phys. Atk., 77 Speed, and a small chance to raise the user’s physical attack. This is the second-best sword in the game that also increases speed, making it a great pick for Throne or anyone using Thief as a secondary job.

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Can you capture the Devourer of Dreams with Ochette?

Like all minibosses in Octopath Traveler 2, the Devourer of Dreams will reappear in the area after you defeat it. If you use Ochette, you’ll have the opportunity to either Capture or Prepare the miniboss upon subsequent encounters. Preparing it gives you a Perfect Jerky, but you should strongly consider adding it to your roster.

When Provoked, the Devourer of Dreams will use Invitation to Nightmares. This will inflict strong Dark damage on all enemies and grant your party two stacks of Sidestep and Reflect. This is an incredible defensive boon that can singlehandedly mitigate strong attacks from especially fierce bosses. Of course, it does have the usual stipulations any captured miniboss has when used by Ochette; it requires a full Boost to use, and it can only be summoned once per battle. Still, this unique and powerful effect makes Devourer of Dreams more than worthy of a spot in Ochette’s collection.

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