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How to complete From the Far Reaches of Hell in Octopath Traveler 2

It’s just a perfectly normal book

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Octopath Traveler 2 is distinct from Octopath Traveler, but there are still connections between the two games. Case in point: “From the Far Reaches of Hell” is a side quest available on the top floor of the Montwise library. It becomes available after completing the side quests “The Traveler’s Bag” and “Procuring Peculiar Tomes,” so try clearing your quest log if you can’t find this one.

This quest requires helping Al decipher the titular “From the Far Reaches of Hell,” which should raise some red flags for people who played Octopath Traveler. While there may be something major you’ll unlock after the fact, we’re not here to examine the implications of Al’s request. Fortunately, resolving this quest isn’t terribly complex.

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Travel to the Nameless Isle

Believe it or not, it’s possible to stumble on exactly what you need by complete accident. The first step is to sail to the Nameless Isle, which is located just north of the dock in Beasting Bay: Anchorage. Obviously this requires a boat, which you likely own by this point in the game. In case you missed it, check out our guide here.

If this is your first time here, explore the Nameless Isle like you would any other dungeon. This area has a danger level of 38, so consider clearing other story objectives if you feel under-leveled. Open the treasure chests as you wind around the island, steadily making your way to higher ground. A familiar prompt will eventually appear to warn you that a dangerous foe is ahead. Proceeding will trigger a miniboss.

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How to defeat Gigantes

Gigantes is a mixed physical and elemental attacker with 50,000 HP. It is weak to Swords, Bows, Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Every time Gigantes attacks, it will raise its shield points by two. This applies even if it’s already at its maximum, so don’t let it bolster itself to astronomical amounts. Fortunately, that spread of weaknesses ensures that virtually any combination of jobs in the game should be able to exploit it. All of the elements in the Scholar’s Elemental Barrage are here, so if you want to tear through its shields quick, that’s the way to do it.

Note that Gigantes will lock resistances throughout the fight. Universal shield breaking moves like the Dancer’s Ruinous Kick can help out here, though you’ll want to make sure you’re outpacing the Gigantes’ shield recovery. Keep an eye out for its active buffs too, since it will occasionally use Abide to increase its strength. Otherwise, use your best strategies and take this boss down the way you would any enemy. Even by level 38, it is possible to defeat it in one shield break with an optimized strategy.

If Gigantes is really giving you trouble, feel free to return after you’ve leveled up a bit. The rewards aren’t that important, especially if you’re at a low level. Like other minibosses in the game, Gigantes will reappear on the Nameless Isle as a regular encounter upon defeat. This gives you the opportunity to capture it with Ochette if you so please.

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How to Decipher Unknown Languages

After the Gigantes is defeated, you’ll uncover an NPC named Georges Lazuli. Once the corresponding scenes conclude, use any info-based Path Action on Georges. This includes Hikari’s Bribe, Castti’s Inquire, Osvald’s Scrutinize, and Temenos’ Coerce. You’ll get “How to Decipher Unknown Languages” as a reward, which is just what you need for the quest at hand.

Return to Al in the Montwise library. With this knowledge, you can share your findings and conclude the tale. Your rewards are 4,500 leaves and the Coat of Arms accessory, which gives you a mighty 100 Physical and Elemental defense when equipped. Congratulations!

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Huh, the minute I finished writing this guide, this screenshot mysteriously appeared. It’s probably nothing though, even though I hear ominous Latin chanting in the distance. If you have the gall to dare explore this location, maybe you’ll find something. I guess make sure you’ve cleared the other content in the game before you come here though. I don’t know, seems like the type of spot where you might want to be really powered up before entering.

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