How to Catch Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The strongest Paradox Pokemon

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Paradox Pokemon are one of the biggest surprises of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. With their high base stats, unique abilities, and frankly unsettling names, even experienced players have taken a while to fully understand these Pokemon.

NOTE: Paradox Pokemon are linked to story spoilers for both games. Mild spoilers will be listed below.

Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon are unique to Violet and Scarlet versions respectively. To get them, you’ll want to complete The Way Home storyline that unlocks after beating the three core story paths. While these Pokemon appear to never spawn at first, there’s a surefire way to hunt these monsters down. It’s incredibly easy to miss, so here’s exactly what you need to do.

Where to find Iron Valiant or Roaring Moon

1. After you’ve seen the credits roll, return to The Great Crater of Paldea by fast traveling to the Zero Gate.

2. Enter the gate. When it asks you where you would like to go, pick Research Station No. 3.

3. Exit the building. In front of you, you’ll see the cave that leads deeper into the abyss. Turn your camera to the path on the left side of the cave.

4. When you turn your camera, you should see one tree in the foreground on your left and a second tree in the distance. Walk towards the second tree.

5: When you arrive at the tree, you should see an unnatural cluster of rocks to your left. There will be a narrow opening between two rocks. Walk into here and you should find a cave.

6. The cave will be a wide-open space, and you will find many normal Pokemon and Paradox Pokemon in here.

7. Keep exploring the space, and eventually you will either see Iron Valiant in Violet version or Roaring Moon in Scarlet version. This may take a little bit, but you’re in the right spot, so keep running laps until they appear. To boost your odds, consider making a sandwich to boost the encounter rate of Dragon-Types for Roaring Moon or Fairy-Types for Iron Valiant.

8. Engage the monster you’re looking for and catch it. Since you are in a cave, Dusk Balls should boost your catch rate. These are high-level Pokemon with strong stats, but if you’ve made it this far, these monsters will be no problem for you.

That’s it! Feel free to stick around in this area to catch more copies each to trade with your friends. They’ll be grateful!

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