How to Catch Iron Moth in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Catch Iron Moth in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

This is one of the last ones you’ll capture

If you found yourself at an impasse at 393 Pokemon out of 400: you’re not alone. Even with two versions of the game and trading, you’ll probably find yourself grabbing the seven version exclusive Paradox Pokemon last. Here’s how to track down Iron Moth, which is exclusive to Pokemon Violet.

Iron Moth can be found in Area Zero (the last zone) after beating the game, in Pokemon Violet

After clearing out all three main storylines (Team Star, Elite Four, Herba Mystica) you’ll come across Area Zero: the culmination of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet story, and the home to paradox Pokemon. Once you’re in Area Zero you’ll need to finish the main story there, so head from Research Station to Research Station until you’ve squared off against the final boss. Once the credits roll, go back to Area Zero to find Iron Moth. We have a full guide on Area Zero here for reference.

How to find Iron Moth in Area Zero

After going back to Area Zero, choose to teleport to Research Station 1 or 2. If you choose Research Station 1, you can either go up the hill toward the beginning of the area, or toward the mountain leading to Research Station 2; either way you’ll come across Iron Moth spawns. If you chose Research Station 2, walk left when you exit the compound, and run/climb up the big dirt wall: then make your way to Research Station 1. Repeat the paths if you don’t find any, and spawns will reset.

For combat purposes, Iron Moth is a fire and poison type.

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