How to catch Glimmet in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and evolve it into Glimmora

How to Catch Glimmet in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and evolve it into Glimmora 1

Glimmet is yet another new Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continue to add more new generation nine Pokemon to the National Pokedex, and in this case, we’re getting both Glimmet and Glimmora. The former can be found in caves, and while it seems rare, it’s actually easy to get one early-ish in the game.

Just follow these instructions and you’ll be OK.

Where to find Glimmet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

So there’s actually two applicable images here. The first is the generic/general location of Glimmets all across Paldea.

The second image is the location we had the most luck with. The big red arrow is the exact location of the cave, and the line is the path where the cave entrance is. Go to the northern point of the line, enter the cave, then run south and up around the bend until you reach Alfornada. Get the waypoint/flight path for the Pokecenter and turn around.

The third image is the cave entrance you’ll want to dive into to find a Glimmet. Look for them on the ground of the cave, seemingly hovering above the ground: it kind of looks like a plant.

How to evolve Glimmet into Glimmora

Glimmet will evolve into Glimmora at level 35. If you pick one up at the above cave, odds are it’ll be very close/will be 35. You can just grab one there, then level it once to 35 or beyond. That’s it!

You can also find plentiful Glimmora Pokemon in the final area of ScarletViolet

At the very end of the game, you’ll enter “Area Zero.” Once you’re near the end of that zone and are almost ready to finish the main story, you’ll walk into a giant cave that houses the fourth research station. That cave has a ton of Glimmora, fully evolved, to capture.

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