How to catch Pseudo-Legendary Frigibax in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Add the newest pseudo-legendary to your team

In the Pokedex, there exists a hidden category of monsters known as “pseudo-legendary” Pokemon. These Pokemon are notoriously hard to capture, as they typically appear in late-game areas and spawn rarely. Additionally, they won’t evolve into their final forms until their levels are nearly high enough to challenge the Elite 4. That said, with the highest base stats of all non-legendary Pokemon in the game, pseudo legendaries are worth the effort.

Frigibax might not look like much, but it evolves into the signature pseudo-legendary of Generation 9’s new Pokemon. With its sky-high attack stat and powerful moves, it’s natural to want this monster on your roster. That said, finding this little guy can be tricky.

Where you’ll find Frigibax

Frigibax can be found on Glaseado Mountain. This snowy locale can be dangerous to explore, as it’s home to Pokemon that are around level 36 at a minimum. If you’ve just started your adventure, it would be best to hold off hunting for Frigibax until you’ve cleared at least half the gyms and your other early game objectives. The Path of Legends storyline will unlock new traversal options for your mount, so clearing those will help you search too.

Even if your levels are high enough, searching for Frigibax is tougher than it looks. Its appearances are incredibly unpredictable, and its small size can make it easy to miss. For me, I found Frigibax right outside the Dalizapa Passage Pokemon Center, so you may get a lucky break and grab one right away. Otherwise, try to look for caves and areas with deep snow, as they are reportedly more likely to appear there.

Boost your chances

If you’re losing your mind looking for Frigibax, there are two options that might help.

First, look for a sandwich that boosts the Encounter Power of Dragon-type Pokemon. The easiest option here is to look down your list of sandwich recipes until you find what you’re looking for. However, if you don’t have a good recipe unlocked yet, go into creative mode and make a sandwich with Avocado, Potato Salad, and Wasabi. Would I eat that sandwich in a million years? Apparently yes if it helps me catch Frigibax.

Alternatively, you can try to catch Frigibax in 3 Star Tera Raid Battles. It’ll take a bit of luck to run into this one, but if you have three other friends searching for Frigibax, this could shorten the process for you all considerably. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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