Can you play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy?

It was “canceled for the season” in the in-game universe

If you were hoping that Quidditch would be Hogwarts Legacy‘s answer to Blitzball in Final Fantasy X: think again! The developers have clarified ahead of time that the popular wizarding sport would not be present in Hogwarts Legacy, but thanks to the game’s opening moments, we know why (story-wise, at least).

Funnily enough, there’s an in-game reason for the lack of a Quidditch minigame

After completing the game’s intro and after being sorted into a house at Hogwarts, Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black will explain the absence of the minigame:

“Due to the unfortunate injury on the pitch in last spring’s final, this year’s Quidditch season has been canceled.”

It’s a clever/silly way to explain-away the lack of the mode/playable Quidditch minigame, but there’s another quote that also sheds some early-game light on what traversal options will be available. After some groans from the Hogwarts students, Professor Black notes:

“Enough. It’s not as though I’ve banned flying altogether. But – don’t tempt me.”

Riding on a Hippogriff is fully intact in Hogwarts Legacy, as is the ability to fly on a broom. These additions fall inline with Headmaster Black’s note, as players can explore the outer grounds of Hogwarts with more traversal options beyond fast travel.

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