How to bury an Acromantula’s Head in the ground in Hogwarts Legacy

Use Descendo

Hogwarts Legacy has several enemy challenges that are almost like puzzles. Not only do you need to figure out what spell to use to clear them: you also need to know the exact timing. Take a look at the Troll’s club challenge to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Here, we’ll be explaining exactly how to clear a slightly easier challenge in “bury an Acromantula’s Head in the ground.”

How to bury an Acromantula or Spider Matriarch’s head in the ground in Hogwarts Legacy

All you need to do is prep for the challenge by having access to Descendo: a (purple) spell you’ll get from from Professor Onai in Hogwarts.

With this spell in hand, when the enemy spider is raising up to pounce (typically signifying by an unblockable dodge symbol), you’ll cast Descendo right there: the spider’s head will slam into the ground, and you’ll clear the challenge. That’s it! The effect will be brief, but it’s a great hard counter to Acromantula enemies. If you ever find yourself in a spider den or in a story quest with large amounts of spider enemies, equipping Descendo (even to an ancillary spell bar) is a great idea. Not only will you take the enemy out of commission for a bit, but you’ll also be ready to pop the challenge on a moment’s notice if it comes up.

As a side note, sometimes the challenge will pop up before any spider Matriarch’s are on the screen. Spiders are a unique enemy in that many types don’t actually appear until other enemy waves are dead (in this case, they pop out of the ground), so keep that in mind, as the challenge likely isn’t bugged.

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