How to break into Sawah Hotel room 302 in Modern Warfare II’s DMZ mode

The Good Fortune mission, explained

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II‘s DMZ mode has tons of fun objectives to complete, and you can even get some good loot of out them. That’s absolutely the case with The Good Fortune, a mission for the Legion faction that requires you to break into room 302 at the Sawah Hotel. Upon entering the building normally by going through the doors from the ground floor and going up the stairs to the hotel’s top floor, players will find that the door is locked. There is a key to the door, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll spawn in the hotel, and it could take some time to find.

Thankfully, there’s another way into room 302, and while it’s a bit more difficult than the normal way, it’ll likely take you way less time than it would if you were looking for the key. Let’s get into it.

First thing’s first — find the hotel

You’ll be able to find the Sawah Hotel in the Sawah village POI, which is in the southwesternmost part of the DMZ map (if you want to get technical with it, it’s in zone 5B sector B04). In the northeastern corner of the Sawah village, you’ll find a white four-story building with blue trim and a sign that reads “hotel” out front. That’s the one you’re looking for. If you miraculously have the key already from an enemy AI drop, the HVT contract, or a loot container, just go inside and head on up to the room. If not, head to the roof of the hotel. By the way, this area has a ton of AI enemies running around, so plan ahead for a bit of a firefight as you approach.

Dropping in from above

Once you’re on the roof of the hotel, you should see some atrium/skylight-looking windows sticking up on the right side. Use the window in the northwest corner of the roof to drop down into the hotel, and simply drop down into the hotel room. Congratulations, you’re in! You’ll be able to loot the golden .50 GS pistol, and then unlock the door from the inside and go about the rest of your adventure.

Also, don’t worry if you accidentally dropped into the wrong room — just leave through the door, head back up to the roof, and then drop into 302.

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