How to beat the Seized Construct boss in Tears of the Kingdom

Laser, then melee, laser, then melee

Let’s get ready to rumble!

While some boss fights in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are very traditional, several of them break the mold: like the Seized Construct. Here’s how to take them out using your newfound Sage power.

How to beat the Seized Construct boss and clear the Spirit Temple

You’ll encounter the Seized Construct in the Spirit Temple in the depths. Well, “temple” is a bit overselling it since the entire temple is just this boss fight. Presented as a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots boxing bout, this boss fight is much simpler than it seems, due to the Seized Construct’s penchant for getting stunlocked.

Before the fight, attach the following items to the left or right hands of your mech (item depots are available outside of the temple):

  • A hand cannon
  • Any melee weapon (spiked balls are available in the arena)

What’s attached to your back does not matter.

The Seized Construct will approach you and attempt to melee you. Each hit will take health of off Link, and since the ground is entirely comprised of gloom, you need to stay on the mech the whole time. This is mitigated by the fact that the Seized Construct is highly susceptible to mech attacks: even if you’re not using a melee weapon. Your job is to slam it into the arena walls, which will electrocute it and deal it massive damage.

When the fight starts, using the cannon, immediately shoot at the Seized Construct. This will force it to hunch over a bit: walk up and smack it into the wall to deal some damage. After it’s hit it’ll jump over you: turn around and aim your cannon near where the Seized Construct lands, then line up a shot and fire at it. Repeat the process of running back up to it and melee-ing it. If your timing is even remotely swift, you can keep doing this throughout the first phase.

After reaching half health a short cutscene will play, and phase two will begin. At this point the Seized Construct will be a little more aggressive and may block your melee hits. If its shield is up, do not melee (your slow mech movement will allow the Construct to counterattack). Wait instead for the Construct to drop its guard, then hit it several times until it flies backward. If you hesitate and stop hitting it, it could recover and counterattack.

You can still repeat the process of using your cannon to shoot at it and melee it until the wall until it dies. That’s it, you won! In addition to continuing on with the story, you’ll also get a Heart Container for your efforts! Grab it after the fight.

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