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How to unlock the camera & take pictures in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll need it eventually for the story

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The camera returns in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you’ll need to unlock it all over again for your Purah Pad. Here’s how to do it!

Robbie will start the Camera Work in the Depths quest at Lookout Landing

Lookout Landing, the main base of operations at Central Hyrule, is a core hub for several larger quests: including the camera. Head underneath Purah’s research center to find Robbie and Josha: chat with them to kick off the camera quest.

Once you’ve picked up the quest Camera Work in the Depths, head south into the giant hole in the ground (it’s marked with gloom on your map): you can walk there or fire yourself out of the Lookout Landing tower and casually glide over. After you’re inside the chasm, speak with the attendant there to get a clue as to Robbie’s whereabouts.

How to use the camera to take pictures in Tears of the Kingdom

Simply follow the path and speak to Robbie, who will teach you how to use the camera (it’s part of the L-based ability menu), followed by a short tutorial. Hold L, select the camera, and take the picture of the statue in front of you and you’ll have the camera permanently!

Note that you will need the camera for a late-game questline: so make sure you get it at some point!

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