How to beat Loot Bugs (Hoarding Bugs) in Lethal Company

Lethal pest control company.

Hoarding bugs in Lethal Company

There are many scary enemies in Lethal Company. I honestly don’t think that the Hoarding Bug ranks among them, but I recommend you don’t underestimate the pesky critters because they can bring unexpected problems to your playthrough.

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How to deal with the bug threat

Hoarding bugs can show up in seven out of the eight moons in the game, so knowing how to deal with them is very important. The first thing to learn about them is that they’re not meant to be a deadly enemy, but rather a competitor of sorts. The reason why they’re called “loot” or “hoarding” bugs is because they also like to collect stuff, which might prove a hindrance to our game. Even though they might not straight up kill you, they might keep stuff whose rightful owner is you, the otherworldly corporate looter. So. let’s look at the many ways to deal with them.


Ok, this is an easy one. They’re weak, or at least weaker than the player, and you can even easily sidestep their puny moves. You can murder these things with any weapon you have at hand. The only problem here, however, is that killing one of these things might cause the moon to respawn a different creature — one which might be way more problematic for you.


These things aren’t there to hunt down the player, but they don’t like you, either. Stepping into their territory will make them go aggro, as will taking their stuff. If you find yourself in possession of stuff that used to belong to one of these things, running away is a good idea. They like it indoors, so walking outside will cause their brains to reset and go back home. That peaceful solution might sound appealing, but remember that time spent avoiding a bug is time not spent gathering stuff for your corporate overlords.

Scrap and mirrors

They like stuff more than they like murder, so, once they’re chasing you down, you can drop your scrap to get their attention. They’ll pick your stuff up and forget about you. The problem here is you need that scrap to avoid getting ejected into the depths of space if you don’t bring enough scrap home.

Mega murder

Ok, we now know that they aren’t deadly and that they also love scrap. That means that hoarding bugs have scrap of their own. So, instead of getting into skirmishes against them during your stay on a moon, you should just ignore them as much as possible while gathering your scrap. Then, once you’re done, you should consider raiding their area, murdering them all, and collecting their scrap. Don’t tell anyone that you’ve learned that from me.

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