How practical are these real-life Metal Gear Solid sneaking boots?

Form versus function

I feel like I have vague memory of when Pumas were a trendy shoe around the era of Sidekicks, maybe? Followed soccer’s 90s-era rise in US prominence (because of Puma’s cleats)?

Anyways, these Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain themed “sneaking boots” that Kojima tweeted look legit — they even come with gaiters! — but I don’t think Puma makes boots. I wonder if they hold up, or are just for fashion.

If it’s the latter, that’s some problem what with the rubber looking kind of dopey. They look like they should be no-nonsense practical boots like the ones I wore as a sidewalk cleaner (albeit with a nerdy background).

I am very new to the boot world myself (aforementioned giant work boots aside). I saw a lovely pair two days ago at Nordstrom. When I saw that they were $340 I laughed, put them down, and quietly left the store. I have to keep reminding myself that I am always much too warm to wear boots, anyways. Don’t need them when you’ve spent your entire life in San Francisco and feel hot when it gets above 60 degrees.

Steven Hansen