How many players is Sons of the Forest multiplayer?

A medium-sized crew

Sons of the Forest is out, and you’re probably wondering how big your crew can be, multiplayer-wise. It’s only natural to want to jump into survival games together, and the good news is that you can bring a decent chunk of friends along for the ride, as Sons of the Forest supports eight players at once.

Sons of the Forest supports eight players at once

The development team has confirmed that eight players can play at once in Sons of the Forest. This is via online play only, as Sons of the Forest does not have local multiplayer support.

Note that this is billed as a “survival horror simulator,” so the fact that you can bring so many people along in a single lobby is pretty huge, and beyond the limitations of most other entries in the genre. You’ll be able to share items, build together, and “explore above and below ground” with your squad. Multiplayer is a separate option from the main menu, as you can host or join a game.

How that group actually carries on in a survival game with limited resources will definitely test your team-building potential. There’s a lot of room for error here if someone isn’t pulling their weight, and that goes double for playing with randoms online through forum meetups. Good luck!

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