How different is Project Scorpio going to look compared to its dev kit?

I might be the only one who cares about this

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Microsoft is in a massive hole this generation when it comes to hardware sales. Sony is closing in on 60 million sold, which they’ll probably reach and announce at E3. Meanwhile Microsoft hasn’t reported hardware numbers for several years now, so we’re left with the assumption that they’ve pushed over 10 million at some point.

But they’re still at it, and the Scorpio looks like one mean machine. It’ll sport 4K60FPS games allegedly, and will not resort to upscaling like the PS4 Pro. For now, that’s all we really know about it, but Microsoft just put up a six minute video that explains the concept a little more, as well as showing off the dev kit.

Naturally things will change between now and its holiday launch, but we’ll find out more for sure this Sunday at E3. Yes, E3 starts this weekend — it crept up on us!

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