Hot new Bayonetta artwork does little to curb my lust

Okay, so this selection of artwork is about as revealing as a particularly prudish Nun in a “keep your clothes on” competition, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to make violent love to Bayonetta. This freaky action game is promising all sorts of ridiculously OTT fun, so I’m willing to take any excuse I can to talk about it. These new images will do nicely.

What we have here are a couple of environments and some CG renders of what I assume to be enemies and Bayonetta herself. The bizarre bird creatures are just the kind of thing I’d expect from the creator of Devil May Cry while the fact that the sword wielding, leather-clad warrior woman is wearing thick-rimmed specs is a lovely touch indeed . 

This game is hot and it makes me hot. Overhyping it some? Probably, but that’s what we bloggers do best!

Jim Sterling