Hot deal is hot: Refurb Xbox 360 Premium for $149.99

Black Friday is for chumps — you might want to hop on this now.

TigerDirect is offering up an Xbox 360 Premium bundle for $149.99. The only catch is that the unit is a refurb, and its warranty expires after 90 days. This is also the older model and lacks the HDMI output on most of the currently Xbox 360.

Knowing the longstanding issues with the Xbox 360 red rings (among other issues — I’ve had the video cards crap out on two units), the lack of warranty might scare a few people off. Still, for those willing to take a chance and save some cash, it’s hard to beat $149.99 for a current-gen console. 

As of this writing the systems are still available and in stock. Those looking to play i and Gears of War 2 on the cheap this holiday may have found a pretty good option. Let us know if you decide to pick one up.

[Via CNet]

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