Here’s a great big Horizon Zero Dawn story video recap for Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn story recap

Did you forget?

If you wanted a Horizon Zero Dawn story recap for whatever reason, we have one! It plays at the start of Forbidden West, and we’ve collected it here so you can watch it quickly.

Narrated by Sylens (Lance Reddick), a character from the first game, it goes through the beginning of Aloy’s life through the events of the teaser at the end of the game. It’s pretty thorough, illuminating the entire mystery of the world, as well as personal struggles and character moments. That includes deep lore with Aloy herself, on top of the core conflict. It gets extremely spoilery, because it’s meant to be!

I’m not going to get into it here, in case some of you are playing Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time in preparation or plan to just watch this video before you jump directly into Forbidden West: suffice to say the recap was appreciated. There was a lot going on in terms of multiple storylines, so I had at least one “oh yeah” moment watching this for the first time.

The personal touch of having Sylens actually do it (and reference himself) is perfect. I bet the idea came about solely because of how great of an orator Reddick is.

Horizon Zero Dawn story recap:

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