Horizon Forbidden West isn’t a PS5 launch title

It’s coming sometime in 2021

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Guerrilla Games pulled the curtain back a little further on Horizon Forbidden West after last week’s reveal at the PS5 event. Let’s get the big obvious one out of the way first: Horizon Forbidden West isn’t a PS5 launch title in late 2020. Instead, Guerrilla says it’s coming in 2021.

But there’s a lot more in the way of interesting details in this quick developer video. For instance, director Mathijs de Jonge explains that the world is “a bit bigger” than Horizon Zero Dawn but that there are “virtually no loading screens.” The PS5’s SSD means that fast-traveling across the map will be almost instantaneous.

There’s also a vague overview of the overarching conflict. A hostile tribe has found a way “to override machines and use them as beasts of war in combat.” At the same time, there’s a red blight that’s killing the land and collapsing the biosphere, which is also causing massive and volatile storms. Everything in this game is very dangerous!

I’ve mostly summed up everything in the video, but you should watch it for yourself just to get a glimpse at all the mecha-creatures. I can’t get enough of these things, especially the chunky moss turtle.

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