HORI Street Fighter 6 Fighting Stick Alpha available to pre-order for Honest Players

street fighter 6 hori fighting stick alpha

Are you one of those scammy leverless cheats? ARE YOU?

As we whittle down the week to the launch of Capcom’s rad-looking scrapper Street Fighter 6, longtime hardware maker HORI has opened pre-orders on a brand new fightstick, now available to pre-order for anyone with the spirit of the fight (and $230 plus) calling in their heart (and wallet).

The HORI Fighting Stick Alpha Street Fighter 6 Edition is a tournament-grade fightstick that features typically robust HORI style, and sports rich HAYABUSA components for both its lever and its eight attack buttons. A top panel includes a DualSense/DualShock 4 touchpad, as well as a tournament lock (to prevent accidental pausing), L3/R3 buttons, and controls for audio input/output. A switch denotes connectivity for PS4, PS5, and PC — Though there is no mention of Xbox in the documentation.

hori street fighter 6

The unit has an easy open feature for quick access to the gate, buttons, and stick itself. While the unit sports a strong, 10-foot lead as well as a side-mounted headphone jack. The display panel features artwork of Street Fighter 6 poster boys Jamie and Luke, though this can be easily switched out for compatible artwork of your choosing. HORI will also provide download access to hi-res art of each of Street Fighter 6‘s roster of launch characters, so you can personalize the look of the unit with whomever you choose.

Finally, the HORI Fighting Stick Alpha Street Fighter 6 Edition supports four player profiles, allowing for the quick switching between specific layouts, ideal for those who utilize different layouts for different games, or characters, when in the tournament scene. These can be managed via a PC-based companion app. I personally like to redefine LP to “Win” when I played games, and now you can too. I don’t see any mention of a “magnetic gatefold box”, like the heartstopping packaging that came with the HORI Street Fighter IV stick, so that’s disappointing.

The HORI Fighting Stick Alpha Street Fighter 6 Edition is available to pre-order now from specialized controller retailers. The unit retails for $229.99 USD, not including shipping and handling, and is expected to launch alongside Street Fighter 6 in June.

The new stick, obviously, isn’t guaranteed to make you the next EVO champion, but you can at least look in the mirror with your chin up, safe in the knowledge that you aren’t one of those backstabbing, two-timing, shameless, leverless, match-swindlin’ fraudsters. Instant high/low block, my ass.

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