How to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail
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How to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

It can be generous for a free-to-play gacha game

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Like the Primogems in Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail has its own form of premium currency in Stellar Jade. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want to spend any more money than you have to on this free-to-play title. Thankfully, there are some excellent ways to farm Stellar Jade.

How to quickly farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

In general, there are five tried-and-true ways to farm Stellar Jade daily in Honkai Star Rail. These are the methods I use to ensure I’m constantly gaining Stellar Jade for those expensive Star Rail Passes, which are used for warps to summon characters and other items. You’ll need around 1,600 Stellar Jade for a full 10-item pull, so here’s how to grind for that amount efficiently.

Endgame dailies

The Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe are two of the best ways to reliably farm. Unfortunately, both of these are endgame-level content. You’ll need to beat the story and have maxed out characters to use this method.

That said, if you’re able to, you can get around 200 in the Forgotten Hall quite often and 100 for every first-time completion in the Simulated Universe.

Daily Training goals

For every player, Daily Training is the go-to method. This is one of your dailies, tasking you with completing various rotating challenges. These usually short challenges change daily and completing each one in the Interastral Guide menu earns you some points.

You can then turn around and exchange those points for various rewards, including, of course, the highly valuable Stellar Jade.

Completing the main story

The first goal you should have in Honkai Star Rail is to complete the main story. This might seem like an odd way to grind for Stellar Jade but it is one of the best ways to earn quite a lot. Each main quest you complete in the story usually nets you at least 30 Stellar Jade, sometimes more.

The more you knock out the story, the quicker you’ll get to 160 Stellar Jade for a single warp or 1,600 for a full one.

Unlocking achievements

In the same vein as the last farming method, achievements are also vital to earning this currency. Completing various achievements in the game involves opening up so many chests, destroying a certain number of objects, and so on. Doing these will grant you a handful of Stellar Jade for each one.

There are also some event achievements that give you this currency. For instance, Trailblazing Will is a permanent achievement event that gives you a hefty amount of Stellar Jade once you reach Trailblaze Level 5, 15, etc.

Finding treasure chests

Treasure chests are your final option. To be clear, chests can only be opened once. Even still, you can find potentially dozens of these in a single dungeon or map, which adds up quite fast. The rarity of the chest determines how much Stellar Jade you get.

The most basic chests give you five Stellar Jade while some of the rarer ones will give you up to 30, so it’s worth scouring every corner of the map for them.

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