Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 3D

Remember that freaky teaser site Sony put up recently? A few of you guessed that it had something to do with Holy Invasion of Priacy, Badman!, the comical PSP strategy game, and that guess was most correct. A brand new installment to the series has been announced, and this one’s 3D!

The “D” in the abbreviation, however, stands for “Dungeons” and not “Dimensions.” It refers to the fact that a new game is releasing with three different types of dungeon as opposed to one. In addition to 33 regular story dungeons, there will be a collection of “everyday dungeon” missions that have various degrees of difficulty. The third type of dungeon is yet to be revealed. I have just written the word “dungeon” far too much for one paragraph.

New monsters and environmental affects like flowing water which can be used to create ponds are all coming to this brand new title as well. Fans of the completely mental original game are in for a treat, it seems.

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