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Hogwarts Legacy early house selection, explained

Early (house) access is available right now

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Hogwarts Legacy isn’t out just yet, but that doesn’t stop players from accessing some of its content ahead of time. Before the massive open-world magical RPG arrives, players can pick their house early through the use of a separate app.

Can you pick your Hogwarts Legacy house early?

Yes, you are able to select your Hogwarts legacy house early. So, if you’re itching to stake your claim as part of Gryffindor or show your sneaky side as one of the Slytherin, you can already do that now. The best part is that you don’t need to pre-order the game to do this.

It is a multi-step process of selecting your Hogwarts Legacy house early. It requires you to first pick your house by heading over to the Wizarding World website and creating an account, if you haven’t already.

Once you make an account, you’ll be able to do the classic Sorting Ceremony. During this free event online, you’ll answer a series of questions. In the end, the Sorting Hat will determine the house that you fall under, with the options being, of course, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

After your house is set in stone, you can also do the Wand Ceremony. Similar to the Sorting Hat quiz, you’ll answer some other questions. The game will then take those results and give you your unique magical wand.

The wand will have your special materials and details all included with it. Both of these ceremonies can have a direct effect on your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, if you want it to. This information can be transferred over to the game to pre-determine your house and wand before ever booting up the game.

How to connect your Wizarding World account

Once you’ve completed both ceremonies, head on over to the WB Games website. Here, sign into your existing WB account or make a new one. Then paste in the eight-digit code attached to your Wizarding World account.

Doing so will connect the two together. Once you purchase Hogwarts Legacy, all you need to do is sign into your WB Games account and you’ll have the option to bring over your house and wand information.

Extra in-game rewards, explained

In addition to determining your house ahead of time, going this route will also allow you to receive some special in-game rewards. These exclusive rewards include the following:

  • Beaked Skull Mask
  • House Fanatic School Robe (changes based on your house)

Those rewards are given to all players who connect their Wizarding World account to Hogwarts Legacy. It may be worth doing for those free rewards alone. And don’t forget that if you purchase the correct version of the game, you’ll receive 72-hour early access, too.

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