Hogwarts legacy Accio minigame completion guide & tips

Fun and games in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is full of absolutely bewitching minigames and fun activities for the player to play and replay ad nauseam, should they wish to, and that includes the Hogwarts Legacy Accio minigame you are introduced to during your first charms lesson at Hogwarts. Throughout the game, you’ll be presented with opportunities to compete against other students in order to prove definitively who is the best summoner around. So if you’re looking for some tips on how to score the most points, let’s get cracking!

What are the rules of the Accio ball minigame?

This minigame is fairly simple. Both you and your opponent will be given a designated color. Then, each of you will take turns attempting to pull one of the balls of that color toward you, without causing the ball to fall off the platform. Any ball that falls off results in the player getting zero points from that pull.

Conversely, the closer you manage to pull the ball toward you, the more points you can earn. Both teams have only three balls to pull, so the loss of any one ball will almost certainly result in defeat for that side in most cases.

hogwarts legacy minigame
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What’s the catch?

Players should keep a firm grip on their summoning, as the ball will gradually build up speed the longer you pull it, so you will have to learn when to release control of the ball. Once the player relinquishes control, this will cause the ball to lose all its speed, and begin grinding to a halt. This acceleration is sudden, but not immediate, so don’t make the mistake of only beginning the process the second that your ball enters the 50 point range.

If your goal is to make it into that final threshold, you should aim to let go once you make it into the prior 30 point range.

Playing dirty is always an option…

If your inner Slytherin is looking for any means by which to win this minigame, you can always try the obvious solution of knocking one or more of your opponent’s balls off the platform, but the weight of these objects are pretty accurately represented in the game’s physics system, so the likelihood of you successfully pulling off this devious maneuver isn’t exceptionally high.

While it has been tested and deemed possible, the risks involved, such as accidentally sending your own ball flying off either with, or in addition to, the other ball, makes the concept more trouble than it’s really worth.

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