HNNNGGGG: Sega registers Valkyria3 url

Could it be? I’m all hnnnnnggggy this morning over the possibility of a Valkyria Chronicles 3 because Sega has registered a new URL: Don’t bother trying the URL, though: it just asks for a username and password. But Andria Sang did a whois lookup and found that Sega is the owner. They registered this back in May, mind you.

Both and point to the respective games. Could this really be the third?! It has been awhile since the second game was released for the PSP. It’s high time, wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and get this: This week’s Famitsu teases a new strategy RPG in their latest issue. Hmmm.

Hey, Tokyo Game Show is in a few weeks. The timing is perfect. I’m hoping we see it on the show floor. I’m hoping its a PS3 title again. I will be all up in that if it is.

Dale North